UW (University of Washington)


When it’s not raining too hard (which has felt like a very long time since it hasn’t), I really love walking from campus to my connecting bus at Montlake and route 520. It’s a little over a mile walk and the views are wonderful. This is the first quarter when I really noticed the view while still on campus, by the Henry Art Gallery, before walking down to 15th Ave. (See last couple of photos.) The psychogeography is strong for me here – each part of the walk reminds me of somewhere else in Europe. Crossing the University Bridge, in particular, reminds me of one of the smaller, lesser known bridges, Legion Bridge (Most Legií). If you ask most people about bridges in Prague, they’d surely say something about Karlovy Most (Charles Bridge), the most famous of them all. Charles Bridge is lovely but generally always too crowded. (I lived in Prague for three years and can count on one hand the number of times it wasn’t packed to the gills with people.) Most Legií was my favorite bridge and it had a small tower-ish structure that reminds me of the two on either side of the University Bridge. (See first two pictures, below.) Most Legií also had steps that led down to one of the Vltava River’s islands in Prague, Střelecký Island (Shooter’s Island).

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