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“A Tourist Guide to Besźel and UI Qoma”

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In my research and reading for this project, I came across an academic paper by one Rob O’Connor titled “A Tourist Guide to Besźel and UI Qoma: Unseeing, the Brutality

TRAVEL GYPSY MUSE (“all who wander are not lost”)

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** I want to first start off by apologizing for using the word “gypsy” in the title of this post. It is extraordinarily offensive and problematic, which I’m going to

Boredom / Leisure Time

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I’ve just begun reading through The Dialectics of Seeing by Susan Buck-Morss, which is an in-depth examination of Benjamin’s The Arcade’s Project. I haven’t yet had time to read through each page

alley activation plans / “Oz-like archipelago of Westside pleasure domes”

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This particular post is about something being done in the United States though it ties in to my discussion of the flâneur in European urban spaces. I continuously mention the

a pivotal experience: expat / refugee, American / Iraqi in Berlin

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Back in 2004 through 2007 I had lived in Prague (in the Czech Republic). I had fantasized about living in Europe for as long as I could remember – I

City Fortresses / Mike Davis

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“This epochal coalescence has far-reaching consequences for the social relations o the built environment. In the first place, the market provision of ‘security’ generates its own paranoid demand. ‘Security’ becomes

flâneuse / freedom

The portraits I paint here attest that the flâneuse is not merely a male flâneur, but a figure to be reckoned with, and inspired by, all on her own. She voyages

technology and urban space

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How do the three authors for today (Castells, Kitchin, and McKim) envision the ways in which technology is changing the both urban space itself and the urban experience? What kinds

Invisible / Visible : Benjamin / Elkins

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I didn’t choose this set of quotes to be posted together, intentionally. These initial three are simply among the first I came across in the dog-eared, pink highlighted pages of