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of bathrooms and “third spaces”
Nikki | 27 April

The other day, I was listening to the Slate Culture Gabfest: : The “Slimeball” Edition. (You can go to the

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women who walk
Nikki | 17 April

“Once I began to look for the Flâneuse, I spotted her everywhere. I caught her standing on street corners in New

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City & the City / seeing and unseeing
Nikki | 15 April

The quote below is another taken from  “A Tourist Guide to Besźel and Ul Qoma” (by Rob O’Connor, full text

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place and space: knowledge
Nikki | 13 April

“I walk because it confers – or restores – a feeling of placeness. The geographer Yi-Fu Tuan says a space becomes

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the flâneur speaks / language
Nikki | 11 April

I was scrolling through Instagram the other day and found myself feeling a little irritated when I happened upon someone

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the new flâneur
Nikki | 5 April

This quote from Awad Ibraham’s piece really struck me, as I’ve been questioning what does it mean to be a

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identity / space: “eyes of power”
Nikki | 3 April

See also another post in which I reference this one and the work of Ibriham Awad. These piece caught my

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The Desert / Slab City, Salvation Mountain, East Jesus: time and reverence
Nikki | 29 March

My family and I went to Palm Springs this past weekend and spent a significant amount of time driving around

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“A Tourist Guide to Besźel and UI Qoma”
Nikki | 25 February

In my research and reading for this project, I came across an academic paper by one Rob O’Connor titled “A

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TRAVEL GYPSY MUSE (“all who wander are not lost”)
Nikki | 25 February

** I want to first start off by apologizing for using the word “gypsy” in the title of this post.

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