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Boredom / Leisure Time
Nikki | 25 February

I’ve just begun reading through The Dialectics of Seeing by Susan Buck-Morss, which is an in-depth examination of Benjamin’s The Arcade’s Project.

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alley activation plans / “Oz-like archipelago of Westside pleasure domes”
Nikki | 17 February

This particular post is about something being done in the United States though it ties in to my discussion of

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a pivotal experience: expat / refugee, American / Iraqi in Berlin
Nikki | 12 February

Back in 2004 through 2007 I had lived in Prague (in the Czech Republic). I had fantasized about living in

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City Fortresses / Mike Davis
Nikki | 10 February

“This epochal coalescence has far-reaching consequences for the social relations o the built environment. In the first place, the market

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flâneuse / freedom
Nikki | 9 February

The portraits I paint here attest that the flâneuse is not merely a male flâneur, but a figure to be reckoned

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technology and urban space
Nikki | 4 February

How do the three authors for today (Castells, Kitchin, and McKim) envision the ways in which technology is changing the

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Invisible / Visible : Benjamin / Elkins
Nikki | 3 February

I didn’t choose this set of quotes to be posted together, intentionally. These initial three are simply among the first

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Qu’est-ce qu’un flâneur? / What is a flâneur?
Nikki | 29 January

If you’d never heard the word flâneur and looked it up using only a dictionary (or, as most of us do

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sidenotes: the francophile “flâneuse”
Nikki | 24 January

In addition to reading literary texts and scholarly conversations on the concept of the flâneur/se and urban spaces, I’ve been

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Journal of an American Flâneuse
Nikki | 6 October

I have always been one who considered myself a “traveler” and one who seeks “adventure.” I have traveled around Europe

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